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Counselling (Stress Relief)

To facilitate students with solutions to practical problems they face.

As the modern world is progressing, many students face lots of problems in their personal, professional, social lives. Our counsellors (mentors) guide and direct students through a variety of situations and help them to focus on what really matters.
We have special tried and tested methods of overcoming stress, anxiety or depression. This method provide an outlet for any negative thoughts or feelings, which can reduce stress as well as maintain student’s mental health. Such counselling helps the student to let go of the past and start over without feeling guilty. With the help of a counsellors, students are able to better understand themselves and find solutions to their problems. This leads to an increase in self-confidence.

Supporting free education

India has a lot of young talent in many villages, but due to lack of proper facilities, the growth of such young talents is blocked. Many students come from poor economic backgrounds to learn higher education in colleges. But often such students are not able to avail the good facility for accommodation and food (mess), since they have to pay very high fees in reputed institutes. To empower the growth of such young Indian talents, we provide to these students free (or subsidised) food and education depending on the economic background of individual students.
At our accommodation facilities, we have the special study rooms and libraries, where students can study effectively to grow in their career. We arrange study seminars for the students and we also provide study counselling to them.
Apart from help in academic studies, we inspire students to lead principle-centred life with the help of value education. This is to cultivate the overall growth of students in terms of their character and competence.

Free Food

We provide the free food to the students at our youth hostels. We are especially known for our youth retreats, camps and seminars etc. where we provide complimentary breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks without any charge. Thus, students get inspired to attend our camps, retreats, de-addiction seminars, stress relief programs, study seminars and motivational talks etc.


Modern youths are suffering from tremendous pressure and stress to perform in an intensely competitive and demanding environment. They are indulging in self-destructive habits like drug addiction, suicides, illicit connections, violence, etc. We provide PROACTIVE PREVENTIVE measures for Drug’s de-addiction, alcoholism, pornography and AIDs using training mechanism based on application of value systems from matchless knowledge available for youths. We also arrange various dramas and pantomime shows for propagating de-addiction programs. We aim to show the students an enlightened path that will empower them to achieve their ambitions and lead healthy happy lives.

Conducting free self-development courses online

We offer various courses (like 7 Steps to Success, Discover Life’s Amazing Secrets) which will help for self-development of an individual. To reach out to the wider section of students we offer these courses online FREELY. These courses bring inner peace and fulfilment by balancing student-life through regulated lifestyle. As a part of these courses, different skills and techniques are taught to help the student to tackle stress, bad habits and conflicts.

Patriotism : Being Indian

Often times many Indian students fail to realise the greatness and glory of India. Thus it becomes the necessity to instill within students the patriotic spirit of being Indian. We achieve this by arranging various retreats at UNESCO World Heritage Sites situated in India. On special days like Gandhi Jayanti, Independence or republic day, we conduct quiz competitions based on glories of India.

Cloth collection Drive

In order to help the needy people, we arrange the cloth collection drive. Our volunteers go to different hostels to collect old clothes and they distribute such clothes to needy people in the locality. By such drives, we create awareness and culture amongst students to help the needy. Doing a good deed like donating the old clothes makes the student feel good because they are doing something for a worthy cause.